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Organic Lemon Essential Oil - 15ml
Pure Living Tasmania

Organic Lemon Essential Oil - 15ml

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With its light, refreshing and citrusy tang, this pure Lemon Essential Oil Certified Organic is appreciated for its widespread benefits that are known to assist in all aspects of life, from health, beauty, cosmetics and cleaning.

  • From a skincare perspective, the astringent properties within Organic Lemon Essential Oil are said to be effective in treating oily skin by counteracting the production of sebum, making it a great anti-acne aid.
  • It has also been seen to be helpful in cleansing greasy hair whilst lifting dead skin cells to enhance volume and shine.
  • When used medicinally, the benefits of Organic Lemon Oil are further known to assist with treating cuts and wounds, as well as easing painful insect bites and cold sores. This is because it contains powerful antiseptic properties.
  • In aromatherapy, it is often used to soothe and relieve headaches and migraines, boost mental alertness, clear the mind and improve decision making. For this reason, many have found it to be incredibly useful when studying or experiencing brain fog.
    • Botanical Name: Citrus limon (L.) Burm
      Country of Origin: Italy
      Plant Part: Fruit Rind
      Method of Extraction: Cold Pressed


    Diffusion - add a few drops to your aromatherapy diffuser, car diffuser or diffuser necklace . Organic Lemon Oil is prized for its energising and uplifting aroma, making it a great essential oil to diffuse in office or study space

    Topical Use - Add Organic Lemon Oil to a carrier oil of choice at a 2-4% dilution and apply topically as a skin serum or massage oil. For facial application, we recommend a 1% dilution.

    Patch Test: If you are using Essential oil for the first time and are prone to allergic reactions do a patch test on a small area of skin. If irritation occurs stop use immediately.

    Disclaimer: As this product contains Essential Oils please read our disclaimer at bottom of the page or seek professional medical advice prior to purchasing. 

    *Flammable Liquid: Road transport only. Additional freight time and cost may apply. International shipping not available on this item.